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Le Jardin de Capucine is a small structure of 40 children and offers each child the opportunity to join his group according to his personal development and his maturity of awakening. The structure of the Jardin de Capucine is made up of five groups.

little Zébulons

8 children
from 4 months to 12 months

small Zébulons

8 children
from 12 months to 18 months

The medium Zébulons

8 children
from 18 months to 24 months

The big Zébulons

8 children
from 2 years old to 3 years old

The very big Zébulons

8 children
from 3 years old to 4 years old

The most important thing is that your child grows and evolves in his group with friends and girlfriends of his age only!

Flexible hours

  • Open Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

  • Annual closure between Christmas and New Year, i.e. 2 weeks.

  • Le Jardin de Capucine remains open during the summer.

  • Parents go on vacation whenever they want !!!

  • A last-minute business imperative?

  • Your nursery closes during the summer, we have the solution.

French /English Day Nursery

  • cosmopolitan and multilingual atmosphere.

  • Make the children sensitive to another language from the very early childhood.

  • For the children whose mother tongue is not French, learning of the French language before nursery school.

  • For the children whose mother tongue is French, early-learning workshops in English.

  • Bilingual staff.

  • Mail and interview in English and in French for the parents.

Quality of the environnement

Our instiution has to comply with the security standards in force which apply to early childhood institutions in France.

Le Jardin de Capucine is subject to the rigorous and regular controls of the doctor in Charge of the service of Maternal and Infant Protection in France.

The best conditions for the child's development in a quiet atmosphere ”

Warm and highly coloured environment apy painting on the walls. Colours are adapted to the different rooms and activities.
  • Design inside.

  • Aquarium with fish.

  • Top of the range materials and furniture.

  • Trendy toys and games.

  • An atmosphere like home.

  • Natural light.

    Healthy environment with strict control of indoor air quality. Use of Ecolabel cleaning products.

    Because the health of your children is our priority!!!

Child rooms

"Each group of age has its environment and own decoration !!!"

  • Quiet room with sofas and soft and coloured cushions.

  • Huts.

  • Swingset with slide.

  • Reading room.

  • Imitation games area with kitchen, DIY workshop.

  • Space for toy bins with dolls, legos, cars...

  • Space with carpet for floor games.

  • Ball poll.

  • 4 small rooms with 5 beds.

  • Small dining area like in a restauranT.

  • Small quiet room for concentration activities.

  • Child Care room with a bathtub in the centre used also for activities with water.

A warm and lively room
for the parents

  • A quick breakfast with a coffee, a tea.

  • Cosy armchair.

  • Small boutique with useful objects for the grown-ups and then kids !!!

The nutrition

In order to be healthy, your children must first of all have a good diet.

Thanks to a healthy and balanced diet, your child has everything he/she needs to grow, develop and be active !!!

Le jardin de Capucine makes its best effort for nutrition and learns to your child how to appreciate good fooder.

Our dietician, elaborates healthy and well-balanced meals which are adapted to the needs and age of your children.

In our kitchen, we prepare tasty dishes with fresh and varied products. Meals, stewed fruits, fruit juices, cakes. ..

Everything is made in our premises, there are no finished products from outside.!!!

In order to make the children sensitive to different food and to teach them the vegetables and fruits, we organise cooking workshops.

Respect for different diets: lactose-free, egg-free, pork-free, gluten-free… The menus are made à la carte.

Food diversification for babies begins at home, then we adapt by preparing "à la carte" menus.

Memorable parties

Every year, we organize wonderful parties with parents and children and with external speakers:

  • Clowns

  • Magiciens close up

  • Pones

  • Inflatable structure…
  • And many more surprises

Buffet with all-you-can-eat tagada strawberries, lots of gifts and wonderful memories!!!!

The garden

A 4,000m2 verdant garden with: 

  • Sandpit

  • Hut

  • Baby walkers

  • Puschairs

  • Vegetable garden

  • In summer: an inflatable pool 

Extra service and security

• Concierge service for parents.
• Children's linen cleaning service at the crèche.

We take care of the cleaning of soiled clothes during the day.

Catering service for children's evening meals. ORGANIC and homemade.

Gym and beauty salon for parents with Hammam, sauna, Technogym sports machines, Powerplate, LPG….

Reinforced exterior security: surveillance cameras

Crèche CERN | Meyrin

120 Rue Clément Ader
01630 Saint-Genis-Pouilly 

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