Different activities are suggested to me but there is no constraint !

The daily activities

  • I can go and assist the chef in the refectory to prepare lunches and I am proud of it.

  • I can also help him make a cake for the snack time.

  • Sometimes at breakfast or at snack time, I discover foreign food..

  • I Can do a lot of activities to prepare to my first school.

  • I can play outdoors with balls, bikes, baby walkers and Climb, slide, play in the sandp house.
  • I plant seeds in the vegetable garden and wait impatiently for something to grow.
  • In the summer. I can paddle in the inflatable swimming- pool and refresh.
  • When the weather is not nice, I can also play inside on the playground.
  • I can play in the bathtub.
  • I can hide in the hut and dream.
  • I can draw, colour, paste, paint and use modellins clay.
  • I can read a book, sing nursery rhythms in English and in French with my friends and play with musical instruments.
  • I can do gymnastics, slide and somersaults with my friends in sport room.
  • I can also have a tea party or work on a do-it-yourself bench like mummy and dady.
  • Or play with dolls, cars, building sets and assembly toys...
  • I improve my language. I get familiar with smells, noises and different materials in 4 senses root.
  • I decorate the day nursery according to different themes.
  • For Christmas. I decorate the tree and wait impatientiy for Father Christmas and his presents.
  • I go catching the Easter eggs in the garden with my little basket.
  • I dress up and make up for carnival
  • I make a crown for twelfth-night.
  • I prepare a cake for the birthday of one of my mate.
  • I make a present for mother's day, fathers day and grandmothers' day.
  • Or I rest on a sofa with my teddy bear and dream.
  • Sometimes a clown comes and from time to time there is even a magician, a marionette, a storyteller...
  • And many other activities…

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